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Kuota-Lotto is a UCI Continental Cycling Team based in Germany since 2014. It is currently being managed by retired professional cyclist Florian Monreal. In 2010 Monreal transferred from team Kuota-Indeland as a rider to a manager. Under his direction he was able to keep the team together and gain the necessary sponsors to compete at the Continental level. Lotto Rheinland-Pfalz and State Sports Confederation came on as sponsors and helped the team stay together. Kuota-Lotto has made quite a stir within the Continental ranks. In their first year, Daniel West Mattel set a quick time at the German Individual Time Trial Championships and took home 4th place. The same year, Robert Tetschke became German Vice Champion at the prestigious Stayers race. 

The team races throughout Germany, France and the Netherlands. Their season kicked off on March, 6th in France where they race in the GP Lillers. They have a solid race schedule and are preparing to be in top form for Tour De Normandie, German Championships, and Tour de Alsace.

For 2016, Monreal's goal is to have Kuota-Lotta become the top German Continental squad. With the extended commitment from Lotto Rheinland-Pfalz, they will surely be a team to keep an eye on. Read more about Team Kuota-Lotto.


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Team Kuota-Lotto Climbing


2016 Roster

Moritz Backofen Andre Benoit
Julian Braun Frederik Dombrowski
Felix Drumm Raphael Freienstein
Christopher Hatz Luca Henn
Joshua Huppertz Tobias Knaup
Daniel Westmattelmann



2016 Race Schedule

Date Race Location Class
Mar 6 GP Lillers Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France UCI 1.2
Mar 11 Ronde Van Drenthe Netherlands UCI 1.1
Mar 12 Paris-Troyes France UCI 1.2
Apr 2 Volta Limburg Netherlands UCI 1.1
Apr 16 Tour de Finistre France UCI 1.1
Apr 17 Tro Bro Leon France UCI 1.1
Apr 24 La Tourangelle France UCI 1.1
May 1 Rund um den Finanzplatz Eschborn Frankfurt Germany UCI 1.HC
May 4-8 Fleche de Sud Luxemburg UCI 2.2
May 8 Fleche de Ardennaise Belgium UCI 1.2
May 13-16 Tour de Berlin Germany UCI 2.2 (U23)
May 14 Ronde van Overijssel Netherlands UCI 1.2
May 22 Grand Prix de la Somme France UCI 1.1
May 27-29 Tour de Gironde France UCI 2.2
Jun 2-5 Boucle Mayenne France UCI 2.1
Jun 9-12 Ronde de l'Oise France UCI 2.2
Jun 12 Rund um Köln Germany UCI 1.1
Jun 16-19 Oberösterreich Rundfahrt Austria UCI 2.2
Jun 22 Halle-Ingooigem  Belgium UCI 1.1
Jun 29 - Jul 2 Solidarnoc Rundfahrt Poland UCI 2.2
Jul 27 - Aug 1 Tour de Alsace France UCI 2.2
Jul 31 Pro Race Nürburgring Germany UCI 1.1
Aug 11-14 Czech Cycling Tour Czech Republic UCI 2.1
Aug 28 GP Schaal Sels Belgium UCI 1.1
Sept 4 GP Echt-Sustern Netherlands UCI 1.2
Sept 25 Dou Normand France UCI 1.1
Oct 3 Münsterland Giro Germany UCI 1.1