Aero Gloves

$ 38

Aero Gloves are part of our Aero Collection. They are designed for speed and are comfortable enough for everyday riding. Advanced Aero fabric breaks up the flow of air to reduce drag. The slim fit design forms snugly to your hands, and minimalist gel pads provide just the right amount of cushion for your palms while maximizing the feel of the handlebar. Tabs between the fingers make removing the gloves easier. For the best aero result, wear with veloToze Aero Socks and veloToze 2.0 Short Shoe Covers. In a race where every second counts, veloToze Aero Gloves give you an advantage. 

We have partnered with the Elite Cycling Team Legion to create a custom team aero collection. 10% of sales will go directly to the team to support them and their mission to increase diversity and encourage greater inclusion in the sport of cycling. GET 25% OFF on Team Legion gloves now.



  • Aero: aero fabric reduces drag
  • Slim Design: slim pull-on design is comfortable enough for everyday use
  • Easy Removal Tabs: tabs between fingers make removal easy
  • Gel Palm Pads: minimalist gel pads provide comfort without adding bulk
  • UCI Compliant: meets UCI race guidelines


    • 43% polyester, 43% nylon, 13 spandex, 1% polyurethane


    • Machine wash cool on a gentle cycle with like colors. Hang dry. Do not machine dry. Do not iron. Do not bleach.

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