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Cycling Element Aero/Wind


Wind/Air resistance is the key element that affects our cycling speed. veloToze shoe covers have been used by many cyclists for aerodynamic benefits. Our shoe covers are made with unique windproof material to form a smooth snug fit over the dials and buckles of your cycling shoes to significantly minimize aerodynamic drag, so you ride faster.
We tested our shoe covers and aero products at Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub. Here are the results veloToze Aero-vantage

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Aero SocksAero Socks
Aero Socks Sale price$53.34
veloToze Aero Socks Extra Tall - XTveloToze Aero Socks Extra Tall - XT
Aero Socks Extra Tall Sale price$58.95
veloToze Aero Socks Extra Extra Tall - XXTveloToze Aero Socks Extra Extra Tall - XXT
On saleveloToze Aero GloveveloToze Aero Glove
Aero Gloves Sale priceFrom $28.07 Regular price$53.34
veloToze Aero Leg SleeveveloToze Aero Leg Sleeve
Aero Leg Sleeves Sale price$44.92
veloToze Short Shoe Cover - Road 2.0veloToze Short Shoe Covers - Road 2.0
veloToze Tall Shoe Cover - Road 2.0veloToze Tall Shoe Cover - Road 2.0
veloToze Tall Silicone Shoe Covers - with SnapsveloToze Tall Silicone Shoe Covers - with Snaps
veloToze Aero Shoe CoversveloToze Aero Shoe Covers
Aero Shoe Covers Sale price$81.41
Save 14%veloToze Helmet CoverveloToze Helmet Cover
Helmet Cover Sale price$26.67 Regular price$30.88
veloToze Waterproof Cuffs / Dials CoversveloToze Waterproof Cuff
Aero / Waterproof Cuffs Sale price$12.63
veloToze AeroLink™ Short Sleeves Jersey - Brown/TanveloToze AeroLink™ Short Sleeves Jersey - Brown/Tan
veloToze AeroLink™ Short Sleeves Jersey - Black/GrayveloToze AeroLink™ Short Sleeves Jersey - Black/Gray
veloToze AeroLink™ Short Sleeves Jersey - Blue/AquaveloToze AeroLink™ Short Sleeves Jersey - Blue/Aqua
veloToze AeroLink™ Cycling Bibs - BlackveloToze AeroLink™ Cycling Bibs - Black
veloToze AeroLink™ Chest ProtectorveloToze AeroLink™ Chest Protector