veloToze Proves Aero Advantage

veloToze worked with Lars Teutenberg to test veloToze shoe covers in the GTS wind tunnel in Immenstadt, Germany. This is an Airbus facility used to test the aerodynamics of airplanes, cars and boats. The results were exciting. All veloToze shoe covers, including the Tall, Short and Toe covers proved to be very aerodynamic.

veloToze Shoe Covers shave off around 12 to 13 seconds during a 40k time trial. There are few other aero products that will give you that kind of advantage, especially for the cost. In a sport where aerodynamic upgrades can put a hole in your wallet, veloToze shoe covers are one of the most cost effective. 

Click here to see the full results and testing protocols. Note that the test was done in Germany, so the research summary is in German.  The numbers are there, but you might want to use Google Translate for the commentary.  

Wind Tunnel Testing