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Cycling Element Rain


Rain is the most unpleasant element to most cyclists. Not only rain makes roads and trails more slippery, it also increases the rate of our body heat loss as moisture on our skin and clothes conducts heat away from our bodies. Especially as we ride, faster air movement is causing even greater heat loss. This is why we design our rain products to be both waterproof and windproof to give you best wet weather protection.

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Save 20%veloToze Tall Shoe Cover - Road 2.0veloToze Tall Shoe Cover - Road 2.0
Tall Shoe Covers - Road 2.0 Sale priceFrom $ 16.00 Regular price$ 20.00
Save 20%veloToze Tall Silicone Shoe Covers - with SnapsveloToze Tall Silicone Shoe Covers - with Snaps
Tall Silicone Shoe Covers - with Snaps Sale priceFrom $ 23.20 Regular price$ 29.00
Save 30%veloToze Tall Shoe Cover - MTB/GravelveloToze Tall Shoe Cover - MTB/Gravel
Tall Shoe Covers - Gravel/MTB Sale price$ 14.00 Regular price$ 20.00
Save 15%veloToze Neoprene Shoe Cover (Waterproof Cuff Included)veloToze Neoprene Shoe Covers (Waterproof Cuffs Included)
Neoprene Shoe Covers (Waterproof Cuffs Included) Sale price$ 57.80 Regular price$ 68.00
Save 12%veloToze Waterproof Cycling GloveveloToze Waterproof Cycling Glove
Waterproof Neoprene Cycling Gloves Sale price$ 60.00 Regular price$ 68.00
Save 50%veloToze Helmet CoverveloToze Helmet Cover
Helmet Cover Sale priceFrom $ 11.00 Regular price$ 22.00
Save 11%veloToze Waterproof CuffveloToze Waterproof Cuff
Waterproof Cuffs Sale price$ 8.00 Regular price$ 9.00
Save 30%veloToze Roam - Commuting Shoe CoversveloToze Roam - Commuting Shoe Covers
Roam - Commuting Shoe Covers Sale price$ 6.99 Regular price$ 9.99