Cyclingnews includes veloToze Gloves in List of Best Winter Gloves

Cyclingnews released their list of Best Winter Cycling Gloves and veloToze Waterproof Cycling Gloves made the list! Here's what they had to say: 

"Velotoze has taken the neoprene approach of glove design and turned it up to 11. The circa-3mm thick neoprene isn't the thickest out there, but they'll still keep your hands warm down to around minus five degrees Celsius (20F) 

Aesthetically, they might strike a Marigold-esque appearance - save for the yellow finish - but the long wrist cuff is there for function, not form. Extending halfway up the forearm, you'll have to be wearing a truly ill-fitting jacket for the wind to get in and chill your wrists."

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