BikeRumor Takes Notice of Waterproof Cycling Glove Launch

BikeRumor took notice of our Waterproof Cycling Glove launch. Although they insist on calling them veloFingerz, they are excited to see this addition to our product line-up. We've sent them some gloves to try and hope they are even more excited after riding with them.
"We pretty much only have experience with VeloToze for their latex shoe covers. Those may have somewhat limited application, but there’s no denying that they keep shoes dry. Now they’ve added a nice-looking neoprene 
Waterproof Cycling Glove to keep your fingers warm & dry too. I feel like it’s a missed opportunity that they don’t get a more catchy name, so I will henceforth call them VeloFingerz…"

See their whole write-up here: