Pez Cycling News Reviews veloToze Waterproof Cycling Glove

Pez Cycling News tested out the veloToze Waterproof Cycling Glove. Here's their bottom line:
"I can attest that they’re definitely very good cold weather riding gloves. Despite not being a traditional “insulating” glove, they’ve been able to keep my hands and fingers reasonably warm enough down into the 30s (fahrenheit). The more I ride in the cold, the more I’ve come to find that windproofness seems to matter more to me than insulation per se and the veloToze gloves are very windproof. If I was riding in extreme cold with below freezing temps (which isn’t something I would ordinarily chose to do), I would probably want a combination of both thermal insulation and windproofness. But for the typical winter riding I do, the veloToze gloves – at least so far – have been up to the task." 

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