veloToze Tall Shoe Covers Named Excellent Value for the Money

Cykelmagasinet the second largest online magazine and largest printed magazine in Denmark recently reviewed veloToze. After the test, they came up with 6 stars out of 6 and called them "Excellent value for the money!"

Lars Errobo of JT Imports goes on to explain that he's seen many professional danish riders wearing veloToze in Denmark. 

See the whole review here:

"It is touching the leg, so it is almost impossible for water to penetrate, as seen on traditional shoe covers. So you always have dry feet with veloToze. Moreover, it is super aerodynamic as it's touching the shoes. So it is optimal for competitions".

veloToze shoe covers are commercially available and can be purchased at local Dane shops and online at Available in four sizes, tall and short in six colors. Recommended price of 179 kroner.