Triathlete Magazine includes Toe Covers in Stocking Stuffer List

December 13,2016
Triathlete Magazine included veloToze Toe Covers in their list of the best stocking stuffers. veloToze Toe Covers are waterproof, windproof and aerodynamic. Plus they can stay on your shoes for a quick transition.

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Outside Magazine Includes veloToze Shoe Covers in Top 10 Bike Accessories

October 07,2016
Outside Magazine included veloToze Tall Shoe Covers in their list of the top 10 Coolest Bike Accessories. They called out our Tall Shoe Covers for being waterproof, windproof, and compact. Click here for the full article...

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Pedals and Pain Blog features veloToze Tall Shoe Covers

September 26,2016
The Pedals and Pain Blog featured veloToze Tall Shoe Covers in their "Five bits of kit for Winter" article. See why they chose veloToze as one of their cold weather riding essentials. Read the full article here...

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veloToze Proves Aero Advantage

July 21,2016
veloToze worked with Lars Teutenberg to test veloToze shoe covers in the GTS wind tunnel in Immenstadt, Germany. This is an Airbus facility used to test the aerodynamics of airplanes, cars and boats. The results...

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Headset Press reviewed veloToze Tall Shoe Covers

June 23,2016
Headset Press reviewed veloToze Tall Shoe Covers. Here's what they had to say, "The close-fitting nature of the covers with no flapping or gaps round the ankle certainly looks the part and my feet always felt dry and comfortable...

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Red Kite Prayer Reviews veloToze

March 21,2016
Bike blog Red Kite Prayer reviewed veloToze shoe covers in an article they titled "Bootie-licious". Here's what they had to say:"I wore these in the recent Chileno Valley Grasshopper, a day with the ugliest conditions I’ve encountered in a race...

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Bikesoup Magazine Reviews veloToze Tall Shoe Covers

January 27,2016
Bikesoup reviewed veloToze Tall shoe covers and said, "The best bit about these covers, and probably the most obvious, is that they are totally waterproof. You could poor a bucket of water over these puppies and not feel a thing".

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